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  • I was very impressed with how prepared and organized Peter and Andresh were. They had lots of amenities for us and I was amazed at their foresight and insight to our needs. Can not speak highly enough of both of them. Highly recommend this experience.
    JMichael - Szentendre
  • 4 hours of pure adventure! Thank you for that! I had a lot of fun with you guys! We should do that again some day.
    Etienne - Buda hills
  • We could not have asked for a better day out and met two of the loveliest young men....complete professionals. Would thoroughly recommend a trip with Andy and Peter.
    Ailish - Szentendre
  • Although I've spent so much time around lake Balaton in my life, I didn't even know that there are such beautiful place around Tihany peninsula. Thank you for taking me there, I Enjoyed every moment of this tour.
    Anita - Tihany Peninsula
  • It was a very interesting day, that made our stay in Budapest all that more enjoyable and unforgettable. Thank you!
    Michaela - Szentendre
  • I would have given ten stars, however the maximum is five. Peter is super relaxed, cool and a fun person to hang out with. Last but not least, try the TURBO function, perfect after eating once you have no energy left :) In other words, just book this tour, you won't regret it ! :)
    Mathilde - Szentendre
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