Best of Budapest - Beyond the conventional

Best of Budapest - Beyond the conventional

Istvánffi Veggie Burger

Istvanffi's second location in Ráday street, established in 2017. It features 3 types of vegan burger patties plus a selection of side dishes like fries, salads, and juice or desserts. They use all-natural ingredients and make the sauces in-house. Burger buns are freshly baked locally. The athmosphere is just like in big burger houses, you can vary your burger as per your taste and they are all juicy with no preservatives or additives.

Törökméz = „Turkish honey”

Coffee, pastries, ham and cheese.

Törökméz is a typical family-owned place where you can calm down during your slow breakfast, but you can find joy and playful motives as well when you visit them. It is a very much European-style brasserie where the staff always have a good word and a smile for you. What you can enjoy here are: breakfast all day, sparkling elderflower wine, rare vintages, delicatessen products, French baked goods, and 100% arabica coffee. It is worth a try.

Édesmindegy = „Sweet whatever”, which means „I don’t care” in Hungarian

Édesmindegy is a dessertbar in the 13th district close to Margaret Bridge. Beside the handmade pastries they sell Hungarian craft beer, you can have breakfast during the morning or eat a menu at lunchtime. If you do not like too much sweet then you can choose from their salty daily offer as well. The waiters are very nice and the place itself encourages you to relax a little a bit.

Szimpla Garden

Szimpla was one of the first ruin pubs in Budapest and it still keeps its unique place in the list of the numerous ruin pubs of the downtown. It has an enslaving athmosphere and it gives home for a lot of cultural and gastro events. They welcome dogs, cats, bicycles, etc... which also proves their open-minded attitude.

Its location is also very favourable as it can be found just in the middle of the 7th district very close to the party quarter of the city center.

It’s really hard to say it with words why to visit them as you should see and feel it, so it is a must see when you come to Budapest.

Tamp & Pull

Tamp & Pull was one of the first specialty coffee shops in Hungary. The owner, Attila Molnar barista champion has one roastery (in Sopron) and one coffee education center (BP) as well. There are two Tamp&Pull coffee shops in Budapest, one of them in Czuczor street has won the dining guide best hungarian coffee shop award three times in a row.

Veli bej Spa of the Brothers of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God

Nice name, right? If you go by taxi it’s enough to tell the driver that you would like to go to the Veli bej Spa at Árpád fejedelem útja. Better, isn’t it?!

Seriously this is one of the numerous spas in Budapest, but it’s not a well known one such as Gellért or Széchenyi. This is a smaller Turkish spa but its size doesn’t matter if we see its inner architectural design. It is located on the Buda side in the line of Margaret Island so it is easily reachable by public transport as well.

The traditional Turkish bath section consists of five pools: an octagonal central pool with a water temperature of 36–38 °C, and four separate bathing chambers around it with pools of different water temperatures. They offer great spa programs as well such as two steam baths with aromatic oils, massage showers and an ice machine, Finnish sauna, infra red sauna, Jacuzzi, Kneipp walk and a swimming pool.

The bath may not be used by children under 14.


We know there are plenty of places to visit during a short stay in the town, but if this is not your first time or you stay for a longer period it’s worth to try one of the below thematical tours as they show you the city from a different angle. A bit of history, a structured way of visiting hidden yards and story telling buildings:

Villas, urban mensions Tour

This UniqueBudapest walking tour introduces you Budapest’s most fascinating contemporary stories, legends and myths will take you back to the enchanted garden of the turn of the century. Following West-European patterns, the aristocracy and the upper middle class had wonderful Classicist, Eclectic and Art Nouveau mansions, villas and schools constructed. The spectacular buildings flanking the city centre’s main axis, Andrássy Avenue, reflect that era. Part of the stunning façades, carved entrances and breathtakingly beautiful interiors have revived in the past decades.

Secrets of the Jewish Quarter Tour

During the tour you can also learn about the history of “Hungary’s Schindler”, Carl Lutz. Lutz worked as a deputy consul at Budapest’s Swiss Embassy from 1942 to 1945. Like the Swede Raoul Wallenberg, the papal legate Angelo Rotta and the Italian Giorgio Perlasca, Carl Lutz organised his life-saving mission from his office in the building of the American Legation in Budapest. He also played a prominent role in getting the so-called “Auschwitz Protocol” abroad.

The Budapest Jewish Quarter – part of UNESCO’s World Heritage List – is alive again. During the tour full of stories, the history of central Europe’s largest Jewish community comes to life and besides the dramas they also introduce you to the beauty and locations of everyday life, even get a glimpse into the world of the “ruin-pubs”.


And a +1 must have as this website is about cycling:

Mesterbike & Coffee Project

The store located on the line of the 4-6 tram, in the rehabilitated part of the 9th district of Budapest.

They use local roaster’s coffee and their weekly offer is countinuously changing. The milk is also delivered from local farmers with no additives or preservatives. You are more than welcome even if you do not need coffein;  you just want to drink a beer or eat a panini after a ride.

We also have to mention the nice staff: let it be a coffee order or a bike repair they do their best to serve your needs.


Dreamland Cycling   e-MTB adventures

Dreamland Cycling is the first Hungarian company providing all inclusive e-MTB adventure tours around lake Balaton and in Budapest. If you love cycling, breathtaking panoramas and delicious foods, don’t hesitate to book your tour now. We provide all the equipments and services that are needed for an e-MTB adventure. You only need to come and enjoy a beautiful day with us. Check out our tour calendar, and book your tour in advance! In case you have any additional or special needs, don’t hesitate to contact us. We can’t wait to bike together with you!

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