Choose the proper bike

Choose the proper bike


Maybe you already have your favorite bike at home and you always ride with it on tours, but this blog will help you to find the best bike for you if you don’t have one yet. At Dreamland Cycling we have extensive experience from the last 20 years with all types of bikes from various brands. We have used at least 15 different brands so far, and we can say that our favorites are Stevens, Specialized and Trek. 


We know that it’s always a hassle to choose a bike without trying it prior purchase. The good thing in a day trip is that it’s a perfect opportunity to try almost any kind of bike. Distributors and retail shops often organize test days where you can ride various bikes for a short tour. Another option is to rent a bike for a day, so you can experience the real feeling of having a kind of a bike and go on a day trip with it.


For multi-day tours in most cases people choose touring or trekking bikes. The most important advantage of a bike like this is that your body position is quite comfortable, while you can easily fit one or more panniers on its racks, frame, forks or handlebar. A typical touring model is Stevens 6x Lite tour.


A lot of people use road bikes for multiday tours. However they need either to take luggage transfer service or to reduce the size and weight of their luggage to fit on their bike. The big advantage of a road bike is that you can go faster because the bike is lighter and you ride with a body position leaning closer to the handlebar. However, we don’t suggest to use a road bike for a multiday tour, if you haven’t used one before. Trek 520 is a good example for adventure touring road bike with racks 


The third type of bikes we recommend for bike tours are mountain bikes. Less people use them because they are a little bit heavier and the tyres are thicker resulting in lower average speed, but they are robust at the same time. Especially in Hungary, where the road conditions are often far from perfect, a mountain bike can be the best choice for a bike tour. If we come to mountain bikes, Specialized is the number one manufacturer in our opinion. Their Chisel model is a good example.


We are also great fans of e-bikes. Currently we use the Stevens E-Tremalzo model but previously we tried most of the models of the three brands I mentioned before. These days, e-bikes get more and more popular. In Germany last year more e-bikes than conventional bikes were sold. The so called e-bike effect appears at 90% of people who try an e-bike for first time in their life. It means they can’t stop smiling and they enjoy so much that they want to buy one immediately. It’s funny, isn’t it?


If you are about to complete one of your first few bike tours, we suggest to use a touring or a trekking bike. You will feel comfortable and you will have place for your stuff on the bike. If you are a bit more experienced, it worth to try a road bike or a mountain bike to feel the difference. 


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