A perfect day in Budapest

A perfect day in Budapest

Today it’s easy to find the most popular attractions via online travel advisors like Tripadvisor, Airbnb Experiences or Getyourguide. But it’s not always easy to set up a program by yourself. In this blog post we describe to you what a perfect day is made of from our own perspective. If we would have limitless energy, this program would make us happy on a nice summer day in Budapest.


Breakfast in Cserpes Tejivó - Cserpes is a famous dairy producer in Hungary and they run a few breakfast places in the city. Their pastries are awesome and they fill their sandwiches with quality Hungarian products. They also have various dairy products. It’s a perfect place to pump up our energy level and get prepared for an exciting day.


Visit the City Park and Heroe’s Square - From the city centre we take the cute yellow Millenium Underground Railway (or metro line M1) to the Heroe’s Square. This square is a place of memory to the great leaders of the Hungarian history, and this is the entrance of the beautiful city park. It worth to walk around the little pond and take a look at the fascinating architecture of Vajdahunyadvára, Széchenyi Thermal Spa and the Zoo.


Visit Terror Háza Museum - We walk along Andrássy Avenue back towards the city centre. Since we are extremely interested in history, we enter the House of Terror Museum that contains exhibitions related to the fascist and communist regimes of 20th-century. At the same time it is also a memorial to the victims of these regimes from the age of our grandparents. 


Lunch in Két Szerecsen Bisztró - Két Szerecsen is on of our favourite restaurants in Hungary. They appears in the top rankings from year to year, so we better book a table in advance to avoid long waiting time for a place. Although the quality of their service is top level, prices are reasonable.


Margaret Island - After lunch the best way to get to the Margaret Island is to rent a public bike. On the way to the island we stop to take photos about the St Stephen Basilica and the Hungarian Parliament. In the summer heat it’s refreshing to lie down under the shadows of the great sycamore trees for one or two hours. The island is full of church ruins and botanic gardens and there’s even a singing fountain. Before leaving the island a Lángos with garlic and sour cream will make us feel good.


Veli Bej Thermal Bath - We continue our day on the Buda side. To avoid crowd, our choice is to go to the less known Veli Bej Turkish Bath. It’s not as huge as Széchenyi or Gellért, but it’s thermal water has positive health effects. Veli Bej is open between 15:00 and 21:00 in the afternoon.


Buda Castle - With our refreshed  joints and muscles we walk up to the Castle. Buda castle is consisted of dozens of private houses, hotels, official buildings and some of the most important buildings of the Hungarian history. All of the building within the castle wall have their own story to tell. We shouldn’t miss the view from the Fishermen Bastion and the gardens of the Palace as well. Inbetween we jump into the famous Ruszwurm confectionery for a tasty cake.


Gellért Hill Panorama - One hill is not a hill. Let’s climb another one called Gellért. You won’t regret for sure. We want to be there perfectly at sunset to be amazed of the panorama that is part of the UNESCO World Heritage. There’s nothing similar to the view as River Danube splits Buda and Pest into two parts.


Dinner in Ráday street - Since we have already walked a lot, and time has passed our hunger will drive us to a restaurant in the Ráday street to have a tasty Hungarian dish with wine. Since today we have limitless energy (see the first paragraph), the dance floor is waiting for us in one of the ruin bars in the Jewish quarter.


Thank you for taking your time to read this blog. If you with like to read another similar topic, click the next link:

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