Define your travel budget

Define your travel budget

Hungary is not only a beautiful country but it’s safe and relatively cheap for travelers from developed countries. However you might notice a wide range of prices when you start to look after bike tours. Even, if you plan your bike tour on your own without a tourism agency, you want to be aware of good deals and discounts.


It doesn’t matter if you are planning a day trip or a two-weeks-long bike holiday, the price of your travel will mostly depend on the services you take. E.g. a guided all inclusive bike tour with accommodation in luxury hotels will always be more expensive than a self-guided bike tour with overnights in your own tent. Despite of this difference in price, both kind of tours will be one of the best of your life if you follow the steps of this pocket guide.


Now, come to concrete numbers: A day trip in and around Budapest or around Lake Balaton will cost between 30 € and 150 € depending on the included services of your package. For a bike weekend you can calculate with at least 200 € if you spend only on your travel, accommodation and food. The top price of an all inclusive bike weekend is somewhere around 1000 €. An extremely low cost bike holiday with 4 nights will cost you at least 300 € per person, while the price of an all inclusive two-weeks-long luxury bike tour can cost even more than 5000 €.


You see, prices may vary on a large scale, thus it’s really important to define your budget before you start to select all the services you want to take during your holiday. Now, let’s get to the last figure out which bike type will be the best for you.

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