Favourites of the Lake – Exploring the hidden treasures

Favourites of the Lake – Exploring the hidden treasures

If you ’ve already seen everything in the Capital, let’s move to the most pictoresque part of the Countryside where mountains reach the water, where excellent grapes grow for worldfamous Hungarian wines, where you can hike or bike and swim or just relax all day long. Welcome at Lake Balaton.

Here below we would like to help you with a short list of some of the best places to visit:



Kővirág is a special place in one of the most beautiful part of North-Balaton at Káli-medence. It is a bit far from the Lake itself, but the village is surrounded by hills and valleys which makes it a perfect place to relax and for excursions. The restaurant of Kővirág keeps special attention to the fresh seasonal ingredients, they use local farmers’ vegetables and meats and they change their menu every three days.

As they are locating in one of the most famous wine regions of the country, we can taste the local specialities as well.

The appartments and rooms combine the present comfort with old tables, cupboards, beds and they furnished them with great care in a stylish way. The shelves are full with books and leaflets in Hungarian and English so really everybody can find something to read; not to mention the blooming garden where we can enjoy our breakfast every morning.

Neked Főztem = „I cooked it for you”

At the Balaton-highland at the end of Zánka town toward the hills we can find a small gastro pub, called Neked főztem. Such as many local restaurants they also use local farmers’ vegetables, fruits and meats, which means they have seasonal dishes not to burden the environment with unnecessary transportation.

The new gastronomical wave around Balaton keeps special attention to the sustainable kitchen to protect this beautiful landscape for our children.

They wait us with home made sirups, craft beers and rethought traditional meals.

Beside the Bar in Zánka the owners have 2 „beach food” restaurants in Alsóörs as well which are also good and tasty alternatives of frozen burger meats.

Cselling Udvarház

Cselling Udvarház is a nice, kind of Provance styled guest house in Révfülöp, very close to the beach.

The building itself is more than 100 years old and the owners wanted to keep its original beauty when they decided to renovate it and open this accomodation and gastro place.

The house can accomodate maximum 12 people so if you want a teeming, crowded holiday, then do not use them. As you may already noticed we love small, friendly and local things where we can eat tasty meals and can leave our problems and work behind. This is a feeling which comes together with cycling and the love of nature. That’s why Cselling Udvarház could be an ideal accomodation when you visit the Lake.


Majthényi Wine House

The press house can be found in the South part of Balatonlelle. The town itself is popular among youngsters which gives the bipolar nature of the place.

The building was built by the Majthényi family in 1784, but the territory has been used for viticulture since the 14th century. Underneath the restaurant in the cellar the best red wines of Konyári family are matured.

The offer of the restaurant is continuously changing to give vent to the modern gastronomy beside the traditional specialities. But the real peculiarity is the stunning view from the terrace which is a perfect place to forget the rushing weekdays accompanied with the delicious meals and a full body or a fresh fruity wine depending on our mood and the season.

Villa Gréta Coffee shop

Villa Gréta originally was located in the heart of Siófok, but in December 2018 they closed their shop at the original location. The reason is simple: as the confectionery was close to the party district, the shop was always crowded and full with people; which could be good news, but the owners – who are wife and husband - want to keep its friendly and calm nature, so they will reopen it in May 2019 in the outer part of Siófok.

The new place is still a secret but the offer will be the well-known, heavenly desserts supplemented with self roasted coffee and ice-cream.

Konyhám = „My kitchen”

Konyhám opened in Balatonfenyves and was one of the flagships of the gastronomical revolution at the south part of the lake. They would like to show that beach food can be tasty and high quality and such as their peers of this revolution they use all natural ingredients, they care of the vegans and vegetarians as well and their employees are all nice and kind with the guests.

The croissants being eaten during the breakfast are home made such as the morning burger and the tortizza which is an exciting combination of tortilla and pizza.

N.B.: Konyhám won the Beach Food of the Year award in 2018 with their cross between waffles and latkes.

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