Health benefits of cycling

Health benefits of cycling

Bike touring, bike racing, biking to work or going on holiday by bike. It doesn't matter which way of cycling is in our focus. Cycling has plenty of positive effects to our mental and physical wellbeing. So beside its recreational effects it also protects our environment and lowers air pollution as well.


But lets see how your body can benefit from it:


  • Beneficial effect to the cardiovascular system: during cycling the respiratory rate increases and the work of the heart rises – the pulse and the blood pressure increases which brings the activity of the circulation of blood which means that our cells receive more oxigen. The overall effect of the above written things is the higher load capacity.


  • Strenghtens the muscles: due to its fat burning effect, cycling result tonic and stronger muscles. Beside muscle increase it is much more gentle to our joints than for example running.


  • Helps the immune system: we can fight against viruses and illnesses with a strong immune system. This is not a question. But how can we improve it? With the higher load  capacity, which can be reached by doing sports. And what could be more pleasant than an outdoor sport through hills and valleys with beautiful panoramas? You see? You have to try cycling!


  • Reduce the stress level: during cycling, besides the positive effects to our body (inside and outside), we can put away our problems and stress with the joy of movement and the fresh air. Our brain cleans up for sure by the end of the tour.


  • Protects the spine: with cycling the lower back and our legs are getting stronger simultaneously, which also protects our spine


I don’t think we should convince you more that a bike tour is the best choice for you to start with getting healthier. In case you feel that you need some encouragement, we recommend to try electric bikes. They are easy-to-ride and a lot of fun at the same time. With an e-bike you can always keep up with more experienced bikers. So let’s take a ride and come with us; select a tour from our offers!


Thank your for taking your time to read our blog post. In case you would like to read similar posts, check out Off-season winter sports for improved bike fitness

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