How to prepare for a Dreamland Cycling adventure tour?

How to prepare for a Dreamland Cycling adventure tour?

First things first, have a good sleep

Of course if you're on holiday around Lake Balaton or in Budapest you will explore its amazing nightlife, culture and heritage but if you want to participate on a bike tour we recommend you to sleep at least 6-8 hours before. If you go for a harder bike tour it's even more important to be fit in the morning. Hangover during a ride is definately not fun and might be dangerous as well.


Have a proper breakfast

This is gonna be your last proper meal until lunch, so fuel yourself! Slow release carbohydrates should be the focus of your breakfast as it helps to keep your blood sugar levels more stable. Avoid too much heavy fat and foods with high glycemic index. An ideal pre-ride meal could be a bowl of oatmeal with a little bit of nut butter and some fresh fruits like banana or berries. Click here to read more about what to eat before a sporty day.


Choose an ideal clothing

Clothing choices should be made according to the weather. Always check the weather forecast before you decide what to wear on the tour! It's a good idea to wear layers which can be removed or added as the weather conditions change. You can easily pack your stuff in our Rudy Project backpack you'll get for the bike tour - even for a simple sightsseing - from us. Especially in the spring and autumn there can be huge differences between the temperatures in the morning and during the day and you should adjust your clothing according to this. Avoid clothes which can get caught in the chain or would blow a lot in the wind, and make sure that your shoes are tightened and your shoelaces are tied properly.


Check the tour informations

When you register for one of our tours you'll get all the necessary informations you need to consider on which tour you should go. You can check the distance, altitude, and difficulty of the tour, so you'll be able to choose the right one for your fitness level. Remember, the main reason you are here is to have fun on the bike.


Thanks for taking your time to read our blog post. If you'd like to read more posts like this, click on the following link: 7 most common mistakes of cyclists and how to avoid them


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