The Scenery of our tours Part I - City Detox tour

The Scenery of our tours Part I - City Detox tour


Fogaskerekű: the so-called „cogwheel” railway

The line go through  the Diósárok and the villa area of Sváb-hegy. The interesting part of the tour is the panorama in front of us upon going up to the hill, while on the way back it feels like we are floating down to the city. In the 19th century the Sváb-hegy and its surrounding was full with woods and forests. It was a playground of hunters with no roads, lightning, shops or public transport. It could be reached only on foot or with horse. But some of the wealthier citizens decided to build villas up on the hill. In this way they could stay close to the center but they could also keep away themselves from the crowdy and loud city. And this brought the need of public transportation which called for life the cogwheel railway in 1974.


Children’s Railway

This railway line is one of the spectacles of public trasportation between the 2nd and 12th district. Its curiosity is that children do all the services with adult’s supervision. The line is 11.2 kms long with 235 m height difference. It has only one platform and the maximum speed is 20 km/h; so it takes its journey within 40-45 minutes. Those children who have good enough grade point avarage and their parents and schools approve the absence from some of the classes can apply to the children’s railway course. During their studies they learn traffic knowledge, signaling knowledge, usage of telecommunication and security devices and commercial subjects.


Zugliget Chairlift

The chairlift is a cable car lift and was built in 1970. It goes from Zugliget to Janos hill and its lenght is 1040 m. The height difference between the 2 stops is 262 m. It takes approximately 12 minutes to reach the other side of the line. It gives us two different experiences if we go up or down. When we go up we start from a valley which was deepen by the water during the long centuries. The Fairy-rock and the Pulpit-rock shows the burst of the dolomite close to the surface. The first few meters of the line goes at the edge of the forest while in the upper parts it flies above private gardens. While when we go down the view to the Hármashatárhegy, Pilis and the districts of Buda and Pest is magnificent. On clear weather we can see the fields of the suburbs and the hills of Gödöllő as well.


Elizabeth Lookout

The Elizabeth Lookout is a historic lookout tower on János-hegy above Budapest.  It was built in 1911, and was named after Empress Elisabeth, wife of Emperor Franz Joseph I.  If we go up to the lookout a stunning view is waiting for us. It’s like we would look down to Budapest from the clouds and the Danube ribbons under our feet.


The Deer-park of King Mathias

Starting from Hűvösvölgy (Cool valley) we can make a historical tour in the sometime deer-park of King Mathias; the territory is still bearing this name. The park was 4 kms diameter, but after the Turkish occupation it felt into oblivion until the ruins of the hunting lodge were found in 1931 by Sándor Garády. Although the map shows the park, most of the hikers do not know that when they choose the blue or yellow trail they are walking in a territory which was the venue of royal hunting in the middle ages. And if it is Cool valley we have to start the trip with a worldfamous “lángos”



And the indispensable gastronomy offers:



Auguszt is a traditional family business, where all the family members devotes its life to the confectionary. And basically this is the secret of their success. They alloy traditional tastes with simplicity and modern technology. This gives the quality of their cakes under the family name which is a guarantee to a delicious bite with unforgettable flavors.



Daubner Confectionary is one of the best confectionaries in Budapest. People are willing to stand in long lines to be able to try its delicious cakes, home-made styled cookies or handcrafted ice creams. During its 110-year-old history they amassed a vast amount of experience which led to this unmistakable flavor which is worth to stand even an hour in the queue as the tastes compensate it all.


Fenyőgyöngye Restaurant

At the top of the hills above Óbuda there’s a traditional restaurant with a terrace surrounded by trees and woods; where good food accompanied with a beautiful view. That’s why the place itself is very favourable within hikers, tourists and the neighborhood residents as well. The kitchen and the place takes us back in time with its retro furnitures and classic menu full of fried meals and spicy dishes.

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