Southwest Balaton - The scenery of our tours

Southwest Balaton - The scenery of our tours

In this blog you can get to know the worth to try places in close to Siófok and Zamárdi included gastronomy and excellent freetime activities let it be relaxing or full with adventure. Either you are touring by bike or another transport mode around the lake, one or more of these places will make your day better.


Zamárdi Adventure Park

The park is at the bottom of an embankment, between the shadows of plenty of trees and with a natural lake which secure the cool weather even during the hottest days. There are a lot of rope-, adventure- and team building trails with more than 240 hurdles at 5 difficulty level from the smallest children up until experienced adults.


One of their biggest attraction is the small railway which has a steam-engine as well. They built a small bridge, a tunnel and a station as well to bring the real feeling of a journey by train. They tried to exploit the opportunities of the lake as well with water dodgem, water ball (=zorb) and water roller with which we can play on water without soaking wet. And if we become hungry after an eventful day we can have a meal at their bistro where we can find wide range of foods and drinks.


Víztorony Siófok

One of the biggest pride of Siófok is the Water tower, which has been rising over the city for more than a hundred years. There is no water in it anymore, but the renovated building gives home to a coffee house and a tourist experience center. Both places are very special as at the Szentkirályi Oxygen Bar we can taste not only coffee but we can try the 95% clean oxygen as well. While from the rotary experience center we can look around to the panorama of the Lake from one seat.


Törek nature trail

The silent valley next to the Törek district was declared to be protected in 1994. Beside the protection of the natural value and the cozy landscape, one of the most important reason was to grant the perfect location for the tourists and the ones who want to rest.  The nature trail shows us the natural life of lakes, its surroundings, the different types of forests; while the bird watching tower gives us an insight to the life of the reach avifauna.  The lenght of the trail is 8,5 km, the longest road is 14 km, but there is a possibility to shorter walks as well.


Plázs (= plage)

The legendary Golden Beach was expanded by a cosy leisure park and a sandy beach in 2016 which brought back the pleasure of having our holiday at Siófok. Beside the longest sandy beach, the Plázs has a 200 sqm pool and a 400 sqm pier, not to mention the street workout field or the rental of SUP boards. The Plázs is perfect not only during the daytime but also for an evening program as they have live concerts, bars and discos within the area.




Café Melba – Siófok

Melba is a unique family owned confectionery far from the noisy and crowded beach, close to the railway station. Quality and Melba goes hand in hand: they follow the highest standards in flavors, quality and ingredients let it be a coffee or a delicious cake. If you stay in Siófok during the summer time, you have to try their ice-cream. It’s a must!


Chef Beach – Zamárdi

At first sight the place looks like any other beach stand, but after having checked the menu you realize you will get more…

This food stand in Zamárdi is part of the new wave Balaton beach food trend. Everything is freshly made with fresh and homemade ingredients. You get the ordinary tastes but in a high end quality. The guarantee is the owner who was a sous chef of one of the best restaurants of the Buda Castle before he decided to open his own place at Lake Balaton. Luckily…


Déli Part BBQ – Siófok

South Coast BBQ is a barbecue joint in Siófok, right on the banks of Sió. They put a great effort to serve the best meat with the perfect seasoning let it be a burger, a rib or a steak. And we know already, that there is no good food without good drinks so they offer the best craft beers and local wines to accompany their meals. Meat lovers, your place is here!


Egy csipet nádas – Siófok

„A piece of reeds” is in the silence of Törek. This is the place where the ones who want peace and calm can find a perfect place in the restaurant with its beautiful garden, homemade sirups and the weekly changing menu.

The building itself is in a valley which has a nice cellar underneath to give place of events as well. Their uniqueness is that beside the fixed 9 meals they work based on different theme with a guest chef on a weekly rotation. So if you are searching for the full peace of mind you should definitely go to Egy csipet nádas and enjoy their specialities.



Balaton wine region is one of the seven larger wine regions of Hungary. It consists of six wine regions: Badacsony, Balatonboglár, Balaton-felvidék, Balatonfüred-Csopak, Nagy-Somló and Zala.


In this article we will check out the Balatonboglár region:


The Balatonboglár district stretches the northern slopes of Somogy County, ranging on the shoreline from Zamárdi to the eponymous village. The total area of the wine region is 9,984 ha.


The mild climate is quite beneficial for the cultivation of vines, with 1950-2000 hours of sunshine a year, and an annual rainfall between 600 and 800 mm. Some years can be positively hot, but the general lack of extremities makes vintage quantities fairly consistent. The main mass of the hills consists of sandy-clayey lacustrine sediments deposited by the Pannonian inland sea and covered by Aeolian loess.


Balatonboglár used to be home to both white and red grapes, although these days whites clearly outnumber the reds. The most common white ones arekirályleányka, chardonnay, irsai olivér, olaszrizling, rajnai rizling, and zöldveltelini, while the reds are mainly represented by merlot and cabernet sauvignon, with some pinot noir, kékfrankos, and zweigelt into the bargain.


Perhaps more than in any other area in Hungary, the character and quality of the wines in the Balatonboglár district hinge on the applied cultivation methods and yields. The whites and reds equally range from light, annual examples offering freshness and good fruit (e.g. királyleányka) to ageworthy heavy-weights matured in wood that are heady and concentrated. The olaszrizling, rajnai rizling, and tramini varieties can reach quality on a par with pinot noir and the two cabernets. 1


Our favourite wine houses of the region: Ikon Borászat, Konyári Pince, Légli Szőlőbirtok, Garamvári Szőlőbirtok, Bujdosó Szőlőbirtok

1 Source:


During Dreamland Cycling bike tours in Hungary we always let you enough time to explore and enjoy places and gastronomy like described above. These blog posts also help you to plan your own bike tour. In case you need more extensive or personalized advice, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for taking your time to read this blog post. In case you would like to read similar posts, click here: Favourites of the lake - Exploring the hidden treasures

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