The scenery of our tours Part IV - Northwest of Balaton

The scenery of our tours Part IV - Northwest of Balaton

Tihanyi abbey

The abbey exist on Tihany peninsula for 950 years. The church which was established by I. András was ruined and rebuilt several times during the centuries. The crypt is one of the most valuable medieval building of Hungary; its current condition with its baroque decoration is the mold of the renascence of the church after its last demolition.

Tihanyi piac placc

The Tihany Market place is more than a simple market. It is a community meeting point, a modern cozy place where people can talk to each other again such as the good old times.

In the market there is a sparkling life every Saturday and Sunday morning, where local farmers sell their goods let it be an apple pie, home made bread, wine or handicraft art.

Ciprián spring

The socalled Butterfly line is one of the most beautiful route of Tihany where it’s a pleasure to go on foot, by bike or by car as well. The smell and view of the water is unparalelled to anything. In this mediterranean surrounding you will find the way to the Shaveling flats and to the Ciprián spring. The track might be steep a little bit, but literally worth to fight with it.

The spring is the only one in the peninsula. Drink some from the cristal clear water and continue your way to the Shaveling flats.

Shaveling flats

The 20 m height basaltic wall is at the west side of Óvár, where the cave flats can be found. The caves were inhabited by tha bazilita monks at around 1050. They holed a chapel, a dining room and several sleeping cells to the cliff. Although a part of the shew is ruined, it is still a good place of tracking which worth to visit.

Óvári lookout

If you go onwards from the Shaveling flats on the green sign you can reach the lookout where you will see the most beautiful panorama of the landscape. Where the greenery of the trees ends it becomes clear why you have choosen this exhousting rout. From the lookout a breathtaking panorama waits for you, where nature remained in its original beauty.

Peak hill

The Peak hill - the highest point of Tihany - is close to the lookout. As a gift of your endurance you can see the western and eastern basin of the lake from 235 m height. The hill gives a unique view to the village and to the Inner and Outer lake as well.

From the peak there is a path to the Geyser-spring cave; as per the legend the famous outlaw visited the cave several times that’s why they named it after him to Sobri Jóska cave. 

Öreg levendulás

At around end of June the more than 50 years old lavander field dresses up the south part of the Peak hill with purple color. It is worth to sit down in the field and take pleasure in the spectacle and enjoy the fragrant of the flower. 


Balcsi Bisztró – Tihany

The Balcsi Bistro was opened at the Tihany Market Place. This is an old bistro with brand new basics. It’s chicken liver and burger is “word famous” within the region which we can flush with local wines and craft beers.

Fészek – Zánka

The Nest restaurant uses the best local ingredients of the northern part of Balaton combined with modern kitchen. This is definetely a good combination...

The basics are Hungarian spiced with some international experience. The place is perfect for meat lovers and vegetarians as well; everybody can find the right meal of its taste.

They invented the so called „Zánka two-handed”, which is a Balaton styled version of kebab filled in a pita with delicious sauces and yummy meat.

Neked főztem – Zánka

At the Balaton-highland at the end of Zánka town toward the hills we can find a small gastro pub, called Neked főztem. Such as many local restaurants they also use local farmers’ vegetables, fruits and meats, which means they have seasonal dishes not to burden the environment with unnecessary transportation.

The new gastronomical wave around Balaton keeps special attention to the sustainable kitchen to protect this beautiful landscape for our children.

They wait us with home made sirups, craft beers and rethought traditional meals.

Beside the Bar in Zánka the owners have 2 „beach food” restaurants in Alsóörs as well which are also good and tasty alternatives of frozen burger meats.


At our prior blog entry we already introduced you the Balatonboglár region, now it’s time to get go know one of the wine regions of the northern part of Balaton, the Balatonfüred-Csopak district:

The Balatonfüred-Csopak district spans a 12 km-long strip between Zánka and Balatonalmádi on the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The total acreage of 6,341 hectares.

The climate is the tempered continental type. The angle of the slopes and the articulation of the terrain have produced some excellent microclimates in the area.

The region's geology is rather complex. We can find Metamorphic schist, red Permian sandstones, and Quaternary loess as well which causes that the wines from Csopak and Balatonfüred owe their distinctive acidity to these calcareous soils.

White wines obviously predominate, with most winery's relying on the olaszrizling variety for their flagship wines. 1

Our favourite wine houses from the region: Figula Pincészet, Jásdi Pince, Homola Pincészet

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