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Best of Budapest - Beyond the conventional
In this blog entry we would like to offer you some unique places to eat and tours to attend as we truly believe that beside the old traditions and buildings, you have to see Budapest in the present. How creative and open are the Hungarians and how we can combine our past beauties with the expectations of the 21st century. We hope you will enjoy this virtual tour with us and you will have the opportunity to try it in reality as well. (we tried them all so we recommend them happily)
Favourites of the Lake – Exploring the hidden treasures
If you ’ve already seen everything in the Capital, let’s move to the most pictoresque part of the Countryside where mountains reach the water, where excellent grapes grow for worldfamous Hungarian wines, where you can hike or bike and swim or just relax all day long. Welcome at Lake Balaton. Here below we would like to help you with a short list of some of the best places to visit:
What and how to eat before a sporty day? – the secret of the slow absorption carbohydrates
With the help of the nutritionist of Budai Endokrinközpont we would like to give you some tips how to get prepared for an e-bike tour.
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We try to epxlore new ideas and solutions from day to day. This habit enables us to implement groundbarking projects that previously didn't exist in Hungary. This blog page will help you to explore our activity and to find exciting information related to our projects.
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