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Dreamland Cycling is a dynamic team of youngsters who love cycling, being in the nature, meeting new people and having delicious foods and drinks. Our team is composed of former bike racers, experienced tour guides, sports trainers and there's even some enegineers. All of our services are related to cycling.

At Dreamland Cycling we believe in the positive energy of nature and regular physical activity. Healthy and active lifestyle is one of the basic elements of balanced life that makes people more dynamic, creative and successful. Therefore Dreamalnd Cycling has an important social responsibility to achieve positive social effects by attracting more people to cycling. Healthy and active lifestyle, green environment and better transport culture are the keywords of our mission.

Dreamland Cycling About us

From early spring till the mid of the autumn we organize and lead unique e-MTB adventures in Budapest and around lake Balaton. Additionally we manage a kindergarten bike program called OviBringa all around the year. If that wasn't enough, we use our civil and urban engineering capacity to design and build better cycling routes in Hungary. During your Dreamland Cycling e-MTB tour our team will perform at the highest level to entertain you with the most exciting bike adventure in Budapest and around lake Balaton.. All our guests receives high quality services and equipments as part of our all inclusive packages. Check out the our tour calendar and book your tour now!
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Kőrizs András
My name is András Kőrizs, managing director and co-founder of Dreamland Cycling Kft.

It's all about cycling for me. I love it because it's a joyful leisure, it's one of the most popular sports in the world,it's the most efficient way of transportation at the same time. And it's so simple. As co-founder and managing director of Dreamland Cycling my objective is to organize the best e-bike adventure tours on this planet. People who choose our services, have different age and purposes, different needs and demand. Our job is to do our best every single day to find the best way to entertain them and make their e-MTB tour a real adventure. Beyond e-biking I have a strong focus on the education of the next generation.I believe that cycling can help every little kid to have a more relaxed, happier and more confident life.
Palotai Péter
I'm Peter Palotai, sports director and co-founder of Dreamland Cycling Kft.

Sport has always played a very important role in my life, and since I got my first bike as a child, it has been one of those things which influenced me the most and made me the person who I am today. Through the years it has given me a lot of experiences, joys and friendships. Being on a cycling tour means freedom for me, and it is the most effective way of getting away from eveyday issues. Dreamland tours always refill me with new energy and keeps me fit . I'm glad to see that more and more people tend to spend their free time actively, and if they choose us for this purpose, I try to do my best to give them such positive experiences which make them to get on their bikes again. For this reason, I consider each guest as an opportunity to make someone happy.

  • This tour company is really professional. They have high quality bikes and gear, and supply you with everything you might need for a comfortable journey, including helmets, biking glasses, water bottles, a power bar, and a backpack.
    Hannah - Szentendre
  • Although I've spent so much time around lake Balaton in my life, I didn't even know that there are such beautiful place around Tihany peninsula. Thank you for taking me there, I Enjoyed every moment of this tour.
    Anita - Tihany Peninsula
  • I was very impressed with how prepared and organized Peter and Andresh were. They had lots of amenities for us and I was amazed at their foresight and insight to our needs. Can not speak highly enough of both of them. Highly recommend this experience.
    JMichael - Szentendre
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For the Dreamland Cycling team, nature conservation and sustainability are especially important, therefore we'd like to ask you not to print our pages. If you want to get some content in text form, please contact us at one of our contact details.


Sincerely, the Dreamland Cycling Team